Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back in Full Swing

The Quilting Corner get-together is back in full swing.  It was like a high school reunion without the pom-poms.  The atmosphere was electrifying, especially after they plugged in all the sewing machines.  Etty was just as busy as a little mouse, running around.
(Please note: this is not an actual picture of Etty)
I, hubby, was ask to comment since a flood of requests came in – all two of them.  I will let Etty tell you all the details; I’m too excited to continue.
Monday was a full morning.  Seventeen ladies came for our shiur (lecture) and sewing.  We were falling over each other in my tiny apartment.  It was so good to see everyone being so involved.  Not everyone was here and two of us didn't have seats.  Everyone was anxious to be together after 3 weeks of my being away.
Avigail has her latest quilt top finished. The back is just a drop too small so she will make it larger and then on to putting her sandwich together, hopefully next week.  Great job Avigail!
 More to come on future posts.  I bet you can't wait?

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  1. Wish I could have been there. It's always fun when quilters get together. I like Abvigail's quilt, nice work!