Sunday, May 30, 2010

Esther's Applique

Esther has been enjoying applique and is trying new things.  Here is her latest Dresden Plate, Sunbonnet Sue, and Overall Sam.  He is too cute for words!  She is having so much fun with applique. It's always exciting to do something new.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magazine Interview

Monday was a very exciting day for us.  We had a reporter come to our quilting group to interview us.  She would like to put an article in her magazine explaining how we became a group and how we feel about quilting.  Everyone was so eager to tell their stories about how they became a quilter and why they enjoy it so much. We had a large group in my tiny home and the room was jumping.  This was a real crash course on quilting for this reporter. I was unable to take pictures of every one's quilts that were shown but here are a few.

Avigail talked about her first quilt which is almost finished.

Shifra talked about how she made a quilt from her Mother's handkerchiefs.
Shifra also explained how she made a quilt from a pattern she found in a magazine and how she made changes. She used mostly used clothing for this quilt.  She wanted the reporter to know that this doesn't have to be an expensive hobby.

Hinda showed her jeans quilt.  We all enjoy making jean quilts especially because it doesn't cost anything.  She did a wonderful job and her son really enjoys using this quilt.

Susan just returned from Houston and brought back a few fat quarters for the ladies.  This was very thoughtful of her and it was hard to choose.  Which would you have picked?

I picked the fabric that looked very African to me.  I have no idea what to do with it.  Do you have any suggestions?  It's 18"x21" and I just love it.  I really don't want to cut it up.

Susan also brought her newest book, Amish Abstractions, for us to review. 
It's a wonderful book and we immediately used it as a reference guide to help Renee B.  She is making a Baby Block wall hanging and had trouble deciding how to finish it off.
With everything going on, Renee continued with her hand quilting.

Rina brought fabulous Batik fabrics that she ordered from the States.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Good enough to eat.  Now she has to decide what she is doing with them.  So many possibilities!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rina's Shower Curtain

Although it isn't completed, this is Rina's new shower curtain.  It's just fabulous!  We have so many talented ladies here.  One of the greatest things about our group is how we teach each other.  Sara, is very experienced in sewing, so she is able to assist Rina in finishing this very professionally.

Quilting Treats From America

Shoshana R was just in England and America visiting her children and grandchildren.  While there, she bought new quilting tools to make her quilting easier.  Although I lend my quilting tools to the ladies, they like to have their own.

Friday, May 14, 2010

QIP-Quilt In Progress

I've just finished putting all the rows together on this gift quilt we are making.  We still have extra fabric so I think there will be borders added.  Next week we will start this and get started with making our quilt sandwich.  We would like to have this finished by June 14th.  It's coming along nicely.  Please remember this is a surprise, so don't tell anyone! 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Renee's Gift Bags

Renee S. says ever since she made her first quilted bag everyone is asking her to make them one too.  She's very busy this week making them per their request.  One is for diapers, another for taking to Shul on Shabbos, and some just bigger than others.  I think she really enjoys this.  There is always a big smile on her face when she shows them to the ladies.

Beautiful Fish

Sara and I went to visit our friend Gloria yesterday.  We try to visit every Tuesday.  The weather was so lovely that we sat outside and never went into her building.  Outside is a wonderful little waterfall with fish.  When I went to get a closer look, all the fish came up to me to say hello and of course wanted something to eat. OOPS!  I felt badly that I couldn't feed them.  They were so big and colorful.  It made me think I should use fish in my next quilt! (That's how we get inspiration).

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bat Mitzvah String Quilt

My oldest granddaughter is having her Bat Mitzvah in July.  She asked for a new quilt.  Her present quilt was given to her when she was 3 years old and now she is turning 12.  So, I can understand why she wants a new one.  She asked for a pink quilt with hearts so I came up with this string quilt which I once saw on the internet.  It's still a quilt in progress and the blocks are not sewn together.  I may make changes as new blocks are added.  Can you see the hearts forming?  This is a surprise so please don't tell her.

Monday Morning Get-together

What a busy morning!
First I want to say that Bryna just came back from the States and brought along a little gift for our quilters.  A little package of Holly Hobby quilt prints.  So adorable.  The ladies were so surprised and grateful for this unexpected treat.

Hooray to Avigail.  She just finished her first project.  A pillow and now she wants to make another.

Naomi has started a children's book using felt.  It's a long time project and she will work on this while doing other things.  Naomi does other sewing.  She enjoys making clothes and does wonderful work.

Shifra finished her latest quilt top.  She ran out of fabric and had to improvise with another color.  It's looking terrific.  You would never know that it wasn't planned that way.  That's the secret we quilters share.

Renee S finished her blue quilt.  The hand quilting around the Grandmothers Flower is quite unique and adds so much to this quilt. It's really beautiful.  Now it's ready to be given away.

As soon as we finish our quilts we are already planning the next.  I know you understand this feeling.
Renee S brought along new fabric that she bought on the internet for us to look over.  Our ladies are a think tank and we do a great job at coming up with ideas.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping in Jerusalem

Yesterday Sara and I went to a new supermarket in Jerusalem.  
First we went out to eat at a cafe (you should always eat before going shopping), then to the new store.

The fruits and veggies were so colorful and abundant I just had to take a picture.  We should be so grateful to our Creator for all that He provides for us.
Of course when I see such beautiful colors, I also think of how they could be used in quilts.  Our quilts are the fruits of our labors. How appropriate.

Visiting A Friend In Jersualem

Once a week several of the quilting ladies visit a friend of ours at a Senior Living Complex. The facility is so lovely I thought I would share some pictures with you. Our friend, Gloria, is originally from London and moved to Israel a few years ago. 
This isn't such a bad idea.  They do the shopping, cleaning, cooking and laundry for you.  That means more time for QUILTING.

Quilt Classes At Pissott

After quilting, several ladies went to Pissott to buy batting for our group quilt.  I noticed  new quilts that were wonderful in the classroom .  The first pattern is from the Nickel Quilts book.  Be sure to call Nurit at Pissott for all classes that are available.
While I was there I had to buy some items that I needed and some that I didn't need.  Two fabrics are panels that will make adorable quick baby quilts.

First Get-together In May

This was a very busy day.  We continued to put blocks together for the group quilt we are making. We made 4 rows and now have 3 more to go.
Renee B is working on her Tumbling blocks which will be a wall hanging.

Esther surprised us with this scrappy quilt. She wanted to use up lots of little pieces.  It's almost finished now.

Rina is working on her shower curtain.  We all gave ideas for colors to use for shashing and agreed that white would look the best.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Betar Illit Circle

Flowers are blooming all over Israel. It's a wonderful time to travel in Israel.  I travel mostly by bus so I'm not always able to take the pictures that I would like.  Here in Betar Illit we have this circle in the center of the town and it's a show stopper.

Redstone Arsenal Going Away Quilt

In 1984 when my husband was in the US Army, we were transfered to Germany.  I had to leave my very special quilting bee given by Lana Lee.  It was difficult for me to leave so many friends.  They gave me this special friendship quilt (the cover) which I worked on for the next 3 years to quilt by hand.  I have so many memories of these fine military wives and I'm reminded of them whenever I look at it.  One block has the name of each quilt block plus the name of the person that made it.  It's in counted cross stitch.  Peggy made extra blocks for this extra large king size quilt and put the entire top together.