Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magazine Interview

Monday was a very exciting day for us.  We had a reporter come to our quilting group to interview us.  She would like to put an article in her magazine explaining how we became a group and how we feel about quilting.  Everyone was so eager to tell their stories about how they became a quilter and why they enjoy it so much. We had a large group in my tiny home and the room was jumping.  This was a real crash course on quilting for this reporter. I was unable to take pictures of every one's quilts that were shown but here are a few.

Avigail talked about her first quilt which is almost finished.

Shifra talked about how she made a quilt from her Mother's handkerchiefs.
Shifra also explained how she made a quilt from a pattern she found in a magazine and how she made changes. She used mostly used clothing for this quilt.  She wanted the reporter to know that this doesn't have to be an expensive hobby.

Hinda showed her jeans quilt.  We all enjoy making jean quilts especially because it doesn't cost anything.  She did a wonderful job and her son really enjoys using this quilt.

Susan just returned from Houston and brought back a few fat quarters for the ladies.  This was very thoughtful of her and it was hard to choose.  Which would you have picked?

I picked the fabric that looked very African to me.  I have no idea what to do with it.  Do you have any suggestions?  It's 18"x21" and I just love it.  I really don't want to cut it up.

Susan also brought her newest book, Amish Abstractions, for us to review. 
It's a wonderful book and we immediately used it as a reference guide to help Renee B.  She is making a Baby Block wall hanging and had trouble deciding how to finish it off.
With everything going on, Renee continued with her hand quilting.

Rina brought fabulous Batik fabrics that she ordered from the States.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Good enough to eat.  Now she has to decide what she is doing with them.  So many possibilities!

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  1. What a exciting meeting. Beautiful quilts, fun fabric and a reporter. WOW!