Monday, November 30, 2009

Show and Tell #3

We are back in business and today had our weekly get-together. Here are some of the beautiful items that we worked on.

We have been asked by a local fundraising organization to help make items for an upcoming production.  They put on an original play annually for fundraising.  They do a wonderful job and we are anxious to assist.

After the charity work we got down to the real fun.

Rina started this quilt a few weeks ago but it was missing something.  She added a rust colored fabric and that was what was needed.  Her back came up short so she came up with this idea of adding strips.  What a great job.  Now it's ready for quilting.

Shifra brought in her mothers handkerchiefs a few weeks ago for an idea for a quilt.  We all came up with this arrangement and Shifra is very happy with this top.  It's her first quilt ever and she did a beautiful job.  Now we have to think of the best way to quilt it. 

Renee Smith is making a series of paper dolls for her grandchildren.  They will be boy and girl pillows when finished.  All the clothing will be attached with velcro and every pillow will be different.  We are anxious to see the finished pillows and so will the children.

Renee Smith also made two matching quilts with matching pillows.  The back is a fleece blanket that makes these sooooooo cuddly.

Susan made the long trip in again from Neve Yaakov in Jerusalem.  It's not easy for her to get here but she makes the effort each week.  We are the recipients of her expertise and we thank her.  She is hand quilting this quilt and the back is a real treasure.  It's from a very old quilt that she pieced together for the backing.  Hooray for recycling.

Susan also brought along a darling little bag that she made for her grandchild.  It's really the packaging for the gifts that will be inside.  She may be adding ric rac to this.  This will be a fun project in the future for all of us to make.  We are looking forward to making them.  Susan sent me this message on making the bag.
"Here is the link to the pattern for the little bag. It whips up very quickly. I found the hardest part was just deciding which fabrics to use".

When some of these projects are completed, I hope to show them finished.  Also, some quilts were not shown today.  We are all so busy.  What a fun day!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome to Renee's Home

Today I visited Renee Berman's home.  Renee is a great-grandmother but somehow has the time to do so many different creative things.  I just started snapping pictures so you can see that quilters do more than just quilt.
She has made many sculptures in ceramics and metals.  She has a green thumb as you can see by the entry into her home and she just started this knitting project. Renee also created our Quilting Corner logo which you see at the top right side of our blog.
Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baby Quilt

Here is the baby quilt in progress for our new grandson.  My daughter requested the baby block pattern in black, white and red.  These colors are supposed to help eye development.  I often start a quilt without a plan.  To me this is part of the fun.  I am usually surprised with the finished quilt.  Quilters know that however your quilt turns out, that is how it was planned. 


You never know when you will come across patchwork in your daily life.  My husband and I rented an apartment in Tsfat, here in Israel, for the weekend.  They had a table for their computer and telephone for our use.  The table was covered with an old half square triangle quilt top.  It was in poor condition and the corners didn't meet, but it had a charm of its own.  Can you see the diagonal stripes in the pattern?  Sometimes patchwork should be left unfinished as in this case.

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's a Boy!!!!!!!

"Well, when am I getting my first quilt, Bubby?"
It's a boy and Mom and baby are doing well.  Thank you Hashem (and the parents) for our new grandson.
Now we can get back to some serious quilting.  Yea!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

How Old is Quilting?

While we continue to wait for daughter, I thought I would share a fascinating discovery I made recently. I am privileged to study scriptures on a daily basis. In particular a program called Daf Hayomi which means “a page a day” of the oral Torah or Talmud. Recently we discussed the topic of inheritance. The writings asked the following three questions:

This intrigued me to investigate further. The commentary explained the Aramaic word, translated by Artscroll, as clothing that had been pieced together with scraps of material. This, of course, is how we make our quilts. It even may have included padding or batting to make the clothing warmer. I was just fascinated to find such information considering the above was written over 1500 years ago and was an oral tradition that goes back to Moses at Mount Sinai, 1800 years earlier. You should be proud to be involved with a concept that goes back to biblical days. I wonder if it was written up on any ancient blog (on parchment, of course).

On Hold

Hello from the Quilting Corner. I wanted to let the world know that we are temporarily on hold waiting for our daughter to deliver our next grandchild. Your gracious hostess and moderator is with our daughter, as we speak, cheering her on. This is the reason for no updates in close to a week. Our quilting group did not meet this week and may not meet next week. Our schedule is strictly in the hands of the Creator of babies (and everything else). We are pleased, however, with the response from around the world (19 countries at this writing). It’s nice to see that quilting is such a universal art form.

Friday, November 6, 2009


We worked on these projects this week.  Rina finished this quilt.

Susan is hand piecing this lovely little quilt.

Rina is working on this new quilt.  We thought it looked rather plain, so we decided to spice it up with rust colored sashing strips.  We will show you the progress in a future photo.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Everyone loves batiks and so does Sara.  She just completed this quilt made from jelly rolls.  The colors are just fantastic.  She couldn't wait to make the next batik quilt, so she has already started another.   Please notice that she has remembered to put in those little dots.  They are so helpful to keep the quilt in the proper order.