Thursday, November 12, 2009

How Old is Quilting?

While we continue to wait for daughter, I thought I would share a fascinating discovery I made recently. I am privileged to study scriptures on a daily basis. In particular a program called Daf Hayomi which means “a page a day” of the oral Torah or Talmud. Recently we discussed the topic of inheritance. The writings asked the following three questions:

This intrigued me to investigate further. The commentary explained the Aramaic word, translated by Artscroll, as clothing that had been pieced together with scraps of material. This, of course, is how we make our quilts. It even may have included padding or batting to make the clothing warmer. I was just fascinated to find such information considering the above was written over 1500 years ago and was an oral tradition that goes back to Moses at Mount Sinai, 1800 years earlier. You should be proud to be involved with a concept that goes back to biblical days. I wonder if it was written up on any ancient blog (on parchment, of course).

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  1. Mazel tov on your new grandson!
    The text you quoted is really very interesting.
    I heard once that the techniqe of quilting-sandwiching layers of fabric together-originated in the Middle East.