Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Morning Get-together

What a busy morning!
First I want to say that Bryna just came back from the States and brought along a little gift for our quilters.  A little package of Holly Hobby quilt prints.  So adorable.  The ladies were so surprised and grateful for this unexpected treat.

Hooray to Avigail.  She just finished her first project.  A pillow and now she wants to make another.

Naomi has started a children's book using felt.  It's a long time project and she will work on this while doing other things.  Naomi does other sewing.  She enjoys making clothes and does wonderful work.

Shifra finished her latest quilt top.  She ran out of fabric and had to improvise with another color.  It's looking terrific.  You would never know that it wasn't planned that way.  That's the secret we quilters share.

Renee S finished her blue quilt.  The hand quilting around the Grandmothers Flower is quite unique and adds so much to this quilt. It's really beautiful.  Now it's ready to be given away.

As soon as we finish our quilts we are already planning the next.  I know you understand this feeling.
Renee S brought along new fabric that she bought on the internet for us to look over.  Our ladies are a think tank and we do a great job at coming up with ideas.

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