Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Latest Blocks For the Underground Railroad Quilt

Sara completed additional blocks for our Underground Railroad Sampler Quilt project.  Her Carpenter's Wheel is beautiful but has one problem -- it is the wrong size.  The pattern Sara used resulted in a 16" block while the sampler quilt requires all blocks to be 12".  It is not really a problem since this lovely block will find a home some day in another quilt.  No quilter's block will ever be wasted just sometimes delayed.  Sara is making a 12" replacement.
 Sara also made a beautiful Log Cabin block but unfortunately the picture is a little blurry.  This proves that drinking and photography don't mix.  Sara did not take the picture.  Unfortunately, our official Quilting Corner camera is in the United States; so, we could not obtain a better picture.  Perhaps, when the camera returns next week, we will clear the air and the picture.
 Etty also made a Log Cabin and a fine job she did and a clear picture.
Etty also received the instructions from Roxanne on the new blocks to be made this month.  Etty will share that with you when she returns.

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  1. Ladies, you are all doing wonderful work on these blocks