Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Sampler Quilt

I've been following Roxanne from the Twilight Stitcher's Quilt Guild for some time.  Roxanne has her own blog called Portions & Possibilities.
Her guild recently started a new project to make a quilt sampler called "The Underground Railroad."  They had been to a quilt show and were inspired by this quilt.
It is really lovely and it consists of many traditional quilt patterns.  I asked Roxanne if the ladies in our quilt group could join in -- we would like to make this wonderful quilt.  The answer, of course, was yes.  We will be sent quilt patterns via the internet and follow along.  Since there are so many miles between us, we will be sharing photos via this blog and the new blog the quilt guild is setting up.  I will pass on their new blog information as soon as I get it. We will be making 12 squares from a choice of 16 patterns.  All the quilts will be different since we will individually choose our fabrics and patterns.  We are not historians but quilters.  Even though the story of The Underground Railroad is very interesting and we encourage people to read about it, our main interest is quilting and the wonderful patterns that makeup this quilt.  We are looking forward to the challenge of making new quilt patterns and most of all making new friends that are part of the Twilight Stitcher's Quilt Guild. 

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  1. Thanks for the plug on your blog. It's so much fun to share with quilters from other parts of the world. Please give all the ladies in your group a big hug for me.