Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Than One Arrangement For The Disappearing Nine Patch

I received this message from "Bug" and since she is a No Reply, I can't answer her by e-mail.
She said "Looking for the disappearing 9 patch and not seeing it.... :)"
I want to direct you to an excellent tutorial on how to make the Disappearing Nine Patch.  As you can see the arrangement of blocks is very scrappy. 
 I followed all the instructions in the tutorial.  I decided to make my quilt in a more orderly fashion for my granddaughter.  It looks amazingly different.
 I also added a little girl on the back for my special little girl.


  1. That's me, I'm Bug!!! Sorry! I had no idea my stupid Google account was "no reply". And I can't even figure out how to change it. This time I'll try the "name/URL" option, hopefully that will work better.

    I'm familiar with the d9p pattern, I just couldn't figure out how the pink quilt was a cut-up 9 patch. It looks (to me) like layer cakes with sashing and cornerstones. I thought maybe you'd uploaded the wrong picture or something. :) No matter, it's very pretty, I'm sure your granddaughter will love it! I love pink, it's my favorite color.

  2. Great colors! I love the girl on the sweet!