Monday, August 1, 2011

Heart Comfort Quilt

I finally finished the latest comfort quilt.  There is a young lady that has been waiting for this quilt and I feel badly that it took so long.  I have to find a way to make these comfort quilts faster.  I hand embroidered the little hearts in different colored DMC thread.  Most of the fabric was donated by Stephanie at My Imperfect Life.


  1. Etty, it's lovely and I think the only reason this took you a bit longer is that you do so many things simultaneously. Give yourself credit for getting it finished :) I'm sure any little girl will be happy to receive this whenever it is!

  2. This is really special! Most comfort quilts don't have hand embroidery. It will be treasured, and I'm sure it will bring comfort. Kudos to Stephanie for her generous gift of the fabric!

  3. I think it came out great, and I'm sure she's going to appreciate all the work you put into it.