Friday, August 19, 2011

Busy Monday Morning

This week our regular shiur (Bible Study) was cancelled so the ladies really had time to accomplish lots of things.
Bracha was able to join us today.  She hasn't been able to come for many months so it was so good to have her join us again.  Here she is cutting her fabric for a new quilt.
Bracha has made many things over the pasts few months. She said she'll try to get pictures of her projects for us to see.  Here is a book cover that she is working on.
Shifra had the day off from her new job so she brought along her Log Cabin for us to sandwich.  Now she is ready to begin quilting.
Avigail is starting to cut fabric for a new quilt.  Here she is in my sewing room.  She's using our raised table which helps to take the strain off the back when working for an extended time.  She's a lefty.  It is always difficult for me to assist a lefty in getting her fabrics in the right position for cutting.  I'm just sooooooo right handed.


  1. I enjoy seeing what the ladies there are working on. Everything they create is wonderful.

  2. Wow--you are all so busy and so creative, too! I love Bracha's book cover. As a lefty myself, the image of Avigail's hand with the rotary cutter looked exactly "right" to me!