Sunday, December 16, 2012

On The Design Wall

Now I have to start sewing this together.  If  I add borders it will be about 48"x48" when finished. I was thinking of changing all the black to white.  I can't decide.

Comment from Hubby:
Since we have been blessed with computer graphics, I thought I would see what this pattern would look like with white.  Here it is:
 My vote is to leave it black since I think some of the contrast is lost with the white.  We were also talking about having the area outside the star in white.  I didn't create a graphic picture of that, since I feel the entire pattern would be lost.
We received many responses and the majority go with the black.  Hubby's happy.


  1. Pretty!! I love the black. I think it's striking against the other colors.

  2. Etty, that's beautiful. The black really makes the colors pop.

  3. Looks nice. I think you should keep the black fabric in it. Gives it an Amish flair.

  4. I love the black, really makes the colors pop!

    1. Donna, thanks for you input and for stopping by the Quilting Corner.

  5. I think the black is perfect.

  6. I also really like the BLACK. It looks great! What's it for?

  7. another vote for black, look at modern technology, you can change the colors without even ripping the old old out. amazing.