Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Busy Day

Today was busy and fun.  Renee brought her finished quilt and we went outside to try to get a complete picture of it.  We definitely have to improve on our picture taking.
Renee showed some of her scarves that she recently made and she has already started another.
Sara also has the knitting bug and has started a red and black scarf.
Susan is hand quilting her latest little quilt.
Rina is still making little flowers.
Shoshana has made some Dreidels out of magazine pages which are really cute.
And while I'm working on my latest project, I've been doing Bonnie Hunter's "Leaders & Enders".  I'ts very exciting to know that I am making 2 quilts at the same time.  These little 2 and 4 patches add up quickly.

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  1. I enjoyed all of your lovely projects. Thank you for sharing.