Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lots Of Show And Tell

Wow, we had a great get-together today.  Since it is Chanukah we had some treats.  Lots of donuts
  and Chanukah gelt (chocolate candy).
Sara showed some of  her latest projects.  This was the silk fabrics she put together to make a cover for a screen.
Her kaleidoscope quilt was a big hit.  Most of us didn't see it and were overwhelmed by how terrific it is.
Sara has been making ruffel scarfs and some of the other ladies have been making them also.
Here is Renee's scarfs
 Susan finished hand quilting this darling little quilt.
She also is making these with little leftover pieces.
And I'm sure you have seen those special pins that have been showing up on everyone's blog.  Well Susan got the bug and made some too.
Faygie Sarah joined us today and brought along her knitting. We were so happy that she joined us .
 While the ladies weren't looking I took the liberty to take some actions pictures.
I hope to post more pictures tomorrow.


  1. What are the pins for? I haven't seen them before.

    1. The pins are a decoration to be put into your pincushion. Usually there are lots of them in one pincushion. I'll have to get a picture of one for you and post it.

  2. What a wonderful gathering the ladies had. I can tell by all the smiles that everyone enjoyed themselves.