Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Letter from Terry

Hello Quilty friends around the world,
I am embarking on a new project under the umbrella of Operation Embrace. My friend Aviva Tessler and her family have been instrumental in this project for a number of years now.  I have made quilts for them in the past, but now is the time we REALLY need to reach out with our kind embrace.

I am starting a project called Quilts for Operation Embrace.  If you would like to be involved, and help in any way you can please feel free to do so.
We need LOTS and LOTS of quilts for all ages from birth to 120, male and female.  Send them to me at my address below.

If you would like to involve your local quilters and communities please feel free to do so.
Keep the quilts simple, quick and easy to piece. If you are ready to start on your own, sort your stashes and pre-cut your fabrics into usable sizes 
2 1/2inch strips, lots and lots, also good for bindings
5inch strips/squares, lots and lots
10inch strip/squares
fat 1/4 rectangles.

These precuts go a long way to make quick quilts. There are many ideas on the internet or for more specific quilt ideas feel free to email me and I will post some patterns that we have found to be good. If you just want to send fabrics these are good sizes to send.
If you would like to just make the tops and we can quilt them on my long arm machine that too is good and much easier to post.

Please be in touch for postal information when ready to send us your parcels.
Feel free to email me at any time at terry@mowfam.com.

Terry Mowszowski
32 Herzl Street
Ra'anana 43354

Please watch this amazing presentation from Operation Embrace Sderot 2012

their website is www.operationembrace.org  for more information about them.
If you would like to continue hearing from me please send me an email.
Stay tuned
Many thanks
YouTube - Videos from this email


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