Monday, April 12, 2010

Murphy's Law of Quilting

During one of my husband's weaker moments in trying to cope with my quilting addiction, he composed the following thoughts that are reminiscent of Murphy's Laws.  Enjoy!

Any fabric cut to a specified length will be too short

Bobbin put in backwards will not enhance reverse stitching

Fingers do not make good pin cushions

Extra blocks should not indicate an inability to count

The final result of a quilt will always be what was planned

Never invite Rube Goldberg to your quilting group

Measurements are always in the least usable designations, ex: cubits, furlongs

My machine cannot find the ditch

My Pfaff parts arrived. Unfortunately, I have a Bernina

Asbestos does not make good batting

I recognize my fabric – I am a material witness

Working on a Rail Fence does not give you splinters

Quilter's husbands need support groups

Quilting insurance means having good coverage

Don’t drive and quilt at the same time (DWQ)

Ambidextrous quilters get done in half the time

"Many a true word is said in a jest."
We do try to keep each other in stitches.

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