Sunday, April 4, 2010

Liberated String Quilts

Sara was kind enough to lend me a book that she recently purchased.  String quilts are a process of using your scrap fabric and wasting nothing.  Gwen Marston made most of the quilts in 1999 and published this book in 2003.  I always seem to be behind the times.  Last year I made my first and only string quilt. 
 Now in 2010, after reading this book and seeing the versatility of this type of quilt, I am anxious to make more.  Gwen goes into great detail about the history and turning scraps into beautiful quilts.   If you see her book, I think that you will agree and be enthused about what can be done with you srcaps. 


  1. I love this book and well Love Gwen's style too!
    I hope to make a few string quilts this year as well

  2. I need to get her book.

    Check out for lots of string quilts.