Monday, April 12, 2010

After Pesach (Passover) Get-together

We are back in business!
After several weeks of no quilting we were able to get together this morning.
Everyone was so happy to see each other and to start working on our projects again.

Susan brought her latest quilt to hand stitch the binding.  She explained how to do Prairie Points for those who never saw this before.

Sara is working on a new baby quilt.  Of course, she doesn't know if it's a boy or girl, so she is sticking to basic yellows and greens. Sara is using the Broken Dishes pattern.  This pattern is wonderful so matter what fabrics you use.
Sara also wants to start a quilt for her daughter Leah.  She brought along her fabrics for us to discuss.  We all enjoy putting our two cents into what should be done. We will have to wait to see the final product. Here is a sample of the fabrics being considered.

Naomi teaches some children how to sew.  She brought along some projects that she makes with the girls.  They are so cute. Such nice ideas to get children interested in sewing.

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  1. Etty you do such a GREAT job with this blog ( along with your DH). Keep up the good work. Thanks.