Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Get-together

This week we had many things going on.  I continued to work on my Apple Core.  Renee B is starting a Tumbling Block wall hanging and a new member, Shoshana L is starting a 4Patch for a pillow.  Sara is working on her Grandmothers Flower Garden.  Everyone is helping each other which is so heart warming.  We all share patterns, fabric and advice when necessary.

Sara has had several family photo pillows made.  With this latest photo she decided to make it herself and she was so happy with the results.

Renee S made a tote bag and has plans for making more. It was the pattern that was shown here before and very small.  So Renee just enlarged it for her needs.  Everyone is so talented.

Avigail put her 4 sections together for her 1st pillow.  It should be finished soon.  She received some advise on how to make the back so she can remove the pillow form for washing.

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  1. Hi Etty!
    I'm so happy to see all the great things the ladies in the group are up to. Please send my regards to everyone...from Houston,Texas!