Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On The Design Wall

When is it time to give up on a project?  I was working on this quilt and the more I did the less I liked it.  I used a blue background fabric and I think that was the main problem.  The more I added fabric to this, the more gray the blue became.  So, I've put it away now, not knowing if I will ever get back to it.
I started a modern Brick pattern with all blues.  I don't like this either.  I think I'll be adding many more colors. So this is on hold for awhile. I'm not making it for anyone that I know.  I just liked the pattern.
Then I started this Basket Weave pattern.  I'm using some gold which isn't my favorite color so I'm not sure if I will be continuing with this.  This picture comes out looking white but it's gold.
I usually like whatever I'm working on so at this point I think it's time to take a break before I get too depressed.  I don't seem to like anything that I've tried lately.


  1. maybe it's just time for healing, although that's really boring, eh? Refuak shelaima.

  2. I think blue is overrated. But then my living room and kitchen were decorated in blue for 23 years so what do I know? LOL