Sunday, June 12, 2011

N'Shea Chinese Auction Quilt

Our group was asked to contribute a quilt for the N'Shea (a charitable organization) Chinese Auction being held on June 20th in Betar Illit.
 Proceeds from the auction will go to help women in Betar Illit that have a new baby or illness.  It pays for meals, babysitting and counseling.  Thank you to Ali from Alone In The Studio for her suggestion to use this quilt pattern.  It was easy, fast and a pleasure to make and allowed me to complete the quilt on time.  I like it so much that I may make another with different colored fabrics for myself.


  1. Etty I like this sooo much. I hope I win it!!
    Yasher koach.

  2. Wow--you all did a great job on this! Beautiful!

  3. like this pattern also. Can you share the directions?