Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Day In Jerusalem

I went to Jerusalem today and I walked and walked and walked.  There are many lovely parks in Jerusalem and I passed several.  The weather was lovely and it seemed like everyone was enjoying the sun.
I also had time to stop at the Shuk.  That is always a delight.  You can buy almost anything there.



  1. GREAT pictures from the shuk!
    And was that the park in Maalot Dafna in the first pictures? Love it!

  2. Etty you are getting to be a great photographer. These are such good pictures. The shuk pictures could be in a travel magazine :).

  3. Wow,all those vendors at the market! I would love a chance to shop there.

  4. Wonderful photographs! Thanks so much for sharing these--I feel almost as if I was there, walking by your side.