Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cotton Fabric

Recently, when I was in Jerusalem, I stopped in 2 fabric stores.  I found some cotton fabric which is very hard to find here.  Two are stripes which I am collecting for a special stripe quilt that I plan to make.  One fabric is for my dot collection.  I've started a 6 pointed star quilt using only dot fabrics.  The last fabric is for the back of a comfort quilt that I'm making.  It has tiny hearts on it which is perfect for this quilt.


  1. Love the bold stripes! Why so hard to find cotton, Etty?

  2. Lovely fabric. If those are any indication, the stripe quilt will be very beautiful.

  3. Vivid stripes and sweet, sweet dots! Are you using all colors of stripes or dots, or do you have a color scheme in mind?