Friday, January 21, 2011

Sara Completed Two New Projects

Message from Sara:
I've attached two of the newest quilting projects I have completed.
The jeans quilt is for my granddaughter Miriam who requested a larger quilt than the one she has. My pleasure to fulfill that request. (ed: When the grandchildren request quilts, it sure makes quilting that much more worthwhile)
The wall hanging is a pattern called "Winding Ways". It has been something I have wanted to do ever since I started quilting. It is hanging on the wall in my workroom.  I love it! 
Another ed:  I liked this wall hanging so much that I made it the new background for the Quilting Corner blog.  Did you notice?


  1. Sara,
    Did you have to use special thread/machine needle to work with the denim? My son would really like something like that!
    -Stephanie B.