Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our First Quilt-a-Thon

Monday, instead of our regular shiur (Bible Study) and quilting, we had our first Quilt-a-Thon.
 We worked together from 9:30AM to 3:00PM with a short break for lunch.  It was wonderful to see the teamwork and cooperation we experienced in making the necessary decisions.  A very big thank you goes to Stephanie in Texas for donating these lovely fabrics!  Most of the fabrics used where from Stephanie's stash.  We hope to have our quilts go to children in crisis that live in Betar and Jerusalem.  We will be happy to except donations of any fabric or batting from your stash.
Starting on the left is Etty (me), Rina, Avigail, Sara, Bryna and Susan.  Chaya also came but didn't make it into the picture.
I have a small apartment, so we use all rooms.  My husband is often available in the study to do any computer, graphics, or printing requests.  We used the kitchen, living-room, sewing room and even the hallway.  This is Rina in my hallway.
These are the initial results of our Quilt-a-thon.
 I captured a happy moment with Susan.  Maybe this is why she calls her blog Scrap Happy.  She is a happy, talented quilter.
Our goal is to finish these quilts next week and then to expand to quilts other than squares.  This was a great beginning for us.


  1. and very enjoyable. I love working together as a group. Thanks Etty for putting it together.

  2. Hey, I recognize those fabrics!! It's always fun to quilt 'til you wilt!

  3. Outstanding! Amazing how much can be acomplished when people work together