Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Get-Together of 2011

Naomi joined us for show and tell today.  She took a wine glass and decorated it on the outside. It's painted with a sponge and garnished with small pearls.  It makes a lovely gift for special occasions like weddings, etc.  Naomi never fails to amaze us with the projects that she comes up with.  She has many original ideas.

Sara received her quilt back from Susan.  Susan was kind enough to machine quilt this for Sara.  Quilting friends are the best!  I like to call it The Candy Quilt, because it reminds me of licorice candy I used to eat when I was a child.  This will be a duvet cover so the quilting in black thread will only seen on the top.  This is something we all have to learn how to do.

Renee B is progressing with her bumper pad for her new great-grandchild.  She's at the point where she has to add the strings that will join it to the crib.  This wasn't any easy project to do.  Renee had to start from scratch and figure this out step by step with no instructions.

Shifra has a new grandchild born on 1/1/11 and it's the 11th grandchild so it's very special.  She is making a quick Baby Block quilt in fleece for the baby.  Here she is trying out background colors that will look good both with the front and the floral backing.  Mazel Tov Shifra to you and the family.

Bryna is hand quilting her red, white and blue quilt and it's looking wonderful.  Bryna may machine piece her tops but she only does hand quilting which takes lots of time.


  1. Thanks for posting about the meetings. Even when I can't be there I feel like you are keeping me up to date. Everyone is doing such amazing work, it is nice to see what they are all doing. Love your new background!

  2. If I could quilt like that by hand I'd do it too! Love looking at your blog, you seem like a group of very talented ladies.
    Love from South Africa