Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Special Thank You Note

We have always known that quilters are some of the most loving, caring people on the face of Planet Earth.  Just the fact that an individual will take so much time, effort, expense, etc to make something very special for someone else, even total strangers, is an act of love at the highest level.  When a complete stranger does a selfless act for others, it deserves great recognition.  Stephanie, a woman in Texas, had some beautiful fabric from her mother and grandmother.  She was compelled to share it with our quilting group.  She E-mailed me and told me of the fabric and in an act of kindness, shipped the fabric to us, at her own expense.  I am overwhelmed at this act of generosity from a total stranger but I realized “this is a quilter” -- confirming what I said above.   Our group plans to use this gift to make quilts for charity.  We at the Quilting Corner can’t thank Stephanie enough but know that this is what G-d wants from all his children and has made note of her kindness.  Thank you so much and may the coming year bring you and your family happiness, good health, prosperity and, above all, wonderful quilting.
Love from the Quilting Corner.

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  1. WOW,WOW,WOW, what a great gift to our group. I cannot wait for us to decide what to make with all those lovely fabrics and to whom we will give them. WOW!!! Thank YOU, Stephanie.