Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shopping For Fabric In Jerusalem

Sara and I went to the Yafo and King George area of Jerusalem looking for fabric.  Now let me tell you it isn't anything like going to a quilt shop.  Fabric is displayed even before you enter the stores.  Of course there is almost no cotton fabric.  Nothing is marked so there is no way to know what any of these large bolts of fabrics are.  You have to touch everything and just guess what it is.  This is what the area looks like.

This is where we stopped for a cup of coffee and sat to enjoy the beautiful winter sun, cafe style. 
Notice the painting on the side of this large building.  There are several places in Jerusalem where you can see something like this.  It really is amazing.

 Notice the ceiling in this store.  Of course it's a very old building and the fabric touches the ceiling in many places.
 Notice the mezzuzah on the side of the entry way. In Israel you see them everywhere.

Although it was fun hunting for fabric, I'm happy to shop for quilting fabric at Pissott and Budrutz where I can get good quality quilting fabrics.


  1. Etty, great presentation. It was truly a lovely relaxed day. I like my purchases :)
    Thanks for joining me. I always enjoy your company.

  2. Nostalgia! I know this area well. Makes me want to be in Jerusalem right now goiong to Steinmatzky's, and having a latte across the street, and of course, going shopping.

  3. Debby Sternberg's Quilt Center at Bustan haGalil (near Akko) had a wonderful selection of high quality quilting cottons - lots of batiks too. Sadly, she's going out of business. If you're in Israel, her remaining fabric is 40% off now.