Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Get Together For 2010 - Part 2

Hinda was busy sewing her jeans quilt and Renee B is making a bumper pad to match the quilt she just made.

I showed some new fabric that I recently purchased.

While Avigail is now dealing with all the snow on her trip to New York, Susan has just returned from sunny Florida.  
Susan, thank you so much!  We all enjoyed little gifts that Susan brought along for us.

We all put our names in a bowl and Renee S called out the names.  Everyone received a little something.
This is Sara
This is Rina
This is Naomi
This is Shifra
This is Renee S
This is Shoshana L on the left.
This is Shoshana R
This is Hinda on the right.
Renee B received something too, but I didn't get a picture.  Sorry Renee!
I received a lovely beginners quilt book which will go into our library for everyone to use.
Susan you are really special to do this.  We all thank you sooooooo much.


  1. Etty, you are so good at doing this blog. I know it's very time consuming but now we all have a history of our wonderful group with you at the head. Thanks for all your work. All the ladies really appreciate YOU!!

  2. ....and a really big thank you to Susan. All those gifts were VERY thoughtful. We all missed you and are happy you are home.