Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July Get-together

Shifra has completed her Baby Propellers Quilt which she found on
With no help from anyone, she just went ahead and did it. For someone that has been quilting for less than a year, this is fantastic.  Even though she said there were mistakes, I couldn't find any.
This is a view of her machine quilting.
And here is her label.  I've never seen a label on an angle like this, and I really like it.  A clever idea.

Sara made a sample of the Disappearing Nine Patch. She enjoyed doing it, so now I think she'll make a quilt using this pattern.  We have a tutorial from the Internet that gives easy instructions.

Sara brought some new fabric called Objects of Desire. She already put the jelly rolls together and had it ready for cutting. The colors were lovely. This is going to be a wonderful quilt.
Sara has the first of two twin size tops together. We wanted to sandwich it, but the backing was the wrong size so this next step will have to wait. 

Be sure to check the July 7Th Post for information on our Giveaway!

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  1. נו!
    קווילטריות ישראליות!
    ואני בכלל הגעתי לכאן בעיקבות ה giveawawy ואז קיליתי שאתן מישראל- גם אני!
    אני עדיין לא קווילטרית אבל אני כבר מכורה לזה, ומחכה כבר לעשות