Friday, July 30, 2010

IQA-Israel Quilters' Association Log Cabin Class

The ladies showed up bright and early for our quilting class.
They gave us a very large classroom with a terrific view of Jerusalem.

Navah Liberman, our instructor, displayed her double sided Log Cabin Quilts which was the subject of the class being taught.  You can reach her at
This is my little block from the class.  I enjoyed this technique and hope to make some things with this.  I can see using this reversible technique for placemats, table runners as well as quilts.


  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Looks like this was a great class!

  2. The view is indeed fantastic. But weren't you there to quilt instead of sightseeing? ;)
    I like the last two blocks. The colors do match perfect and are so pretty.

  3. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing this raimbow of colours. So inspirational!