Friday, July 30, 2010

IQA-Israel Quilters' Association Retreat

Once a year in the summer, the IQA has a 3 day retreat and this year it was in Jerusalem which was close to home for me.  The first day was for shopping and we saw some other very interesting things, besides quilting.

First was a display from Paverpol
It's a textile hardener that works with a range of natural fabrics

These two ladies were doing fantastic beading which I'd love to have time for, but I don't.

Then I met Anna Sheffer with her 2 quilts on display and her arrangement of quilting accessories.
Her address is Hazorim 11, Givat Elah, Israel

Nurit and husband, of Pissott, once again had a wonderful display of fabric that I just couldn't resist. You can reach them at
These are my goodies. 
And these are the happy shoppers.

Afterwards, we went to the Malka Mall for lunch. What a lovely day out with the ladies.

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