Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shifra's Letter

I received this letter from Shifra the other day.  She is an excellent quilter and does things with ease.  This was probably her most difficult quilt.  As you read her story you will come to understand why. 

I finally did it!! My husband's quilt is finished and in use. He really likes it.Just in case, I'll tell you the whole story. It's been almost a year since I bought the fabric at Pissott. It was last Pesach, at the Chol Hamoed event. I had a completely different idea in mind and bought enough fabric for the other idea. When I searched your books and magazines for the pattern I couldn't find it. Ettie, you mentioned Storm at Sea, so I diligently went home and Googled the block. I found the following www.generations-quilt-patterns.com/storm-at-sea-quilt.html 

There was a great explanation of the block and many interesting variations. The website included paper piecing templates. I was awed by the variation that included a snails trail block incorporated into the storm at sea block, but alas, the website did not have a pattern for it. So I made my own for that part of the block and used the rest of the paper piecing blocks provided on the website. It was pictured in just 2 colors so I figured it would work with the fabric I had and I got busy making blocks. I wasn't too thrilled at first because my colors did not contrast enough and it was hard to see the pattern emerging. Then I ran out of fabric. Fortunately, Ettie, you had a remnant of the Peacock Paradise fabric which helped, but then I ran out of the Robert Kaufman fusion evening blue fabric. I sent an email to Pissott to see if they had any fabric left and if not what could I use instead. Unfortunately none remained and Nurit made some suggestions but I wasn't satisfied. she also suggested I go to the Robert Kaufman website and see if I could find the fabric and where I could buy it. I found a shop out of California that had it and had my daughter order it and it was shipped to her. She then sent it to me in Israel. Boy the expense to ship it here was outrageous and more than the fabric itself. In the mean time, while waiting for the fabric, I took apart the blocks I already made and added a third color, the light blue. This fabric came from Budrutz. It really helped the design, but I ran out of that too and they did not have any left either. Now what? I found the light green at Budrutz and mixed it with the light blue and the quilt improved dramatically. Being that I only have one day a week to quilt and do everything else I need to do, it took me forever to get all the block made (39 pieces of fabric in each block!!) but it was finally made and put together. As posted previously on the blog, my husband got down on the floor and helped pin the quilt. He did a great job but I didn't have enough pins and when I started to quilt it the fabric shifted too much and I was ready to quit. I ripped it all out and re-pinned it with your help on your table. Then the task of quilting it again. I'm not thrilled with the quilting but it was the best I could do. I really wanted it done.I ripped out and fixed the really bad puckers. My poor husband has waited so long for it. Back to Ettie for her marking pen and an enjoyable visit where I made the label. I attached the label and bound the quilt. It's only 4 month's late for my husband's birthday but maybe I should call it a very early birthday present for this year's birthday.

Ettie, thanks for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you. Attached are the pictures we took before it went into use.



  1. Shifra, the effort you put into that quilt was worth it. It is a beautiful piece of work.

  2. WOW, it came out BEAUTIFUL!! I too wasn't thrilled with the original colors due to lack of contrast...and for all that work that went into making each block, whew. Shifra, all those seemingly dead ends and look how great it turned out. OUTSTANDING.

  3. It turned out wonderful, Shifra! I love how the green pops! Maybe I'll get to see it in person, one of these days....:):)