Friday, March 9, 2012

Shifra's Purim Wall Hanging

Shifra has been working on this special wall hanging for some time now.  She wanted it to be perfect and it is.  Every year Shifra uses fish for her Purim theme.  This year was no different.  She has added embroidery, sequins and beading to the fish which adds so much to the wall hanging.  First I'll show you the full wall hanging and then some closer views to see the details.  I really need to get a better camera for this.  Notice that the binding always matches the color of the fish!
Most of the fabric was purchased at Pissott.  She is very grateful to Nurit for her assistance in finding the perfect fabrics.  A special thank to Avigail for her over-the-phone lesson on the color wheel and their proper order.  It really helped and she learned a lot from her.  Also, thanks to Renee S. and her daughter, Bryna, for allowing her to raid their sequin and bead stash.  It's really great how we share and help each other. Shifra is looking for advise on how to properly hang this odd shaped wall hanging.  Any suggestions out there?


  1. That is a great work of art! Nice job. I love the quilted fish, the appliqued fish and the pieced fish!!

  2. Re: advice on how to hang it - - - maybe you could construct a kite-like crisscross on the back and put two thin strips of wood through the carriers. That would keep it stable and then you could hang it from just one point.

  3. Shifra has outdone herself. This is beautiful, no it's fantastic! The only way I can think of to hang it is to secure velcro to the wall where it is to hang and to the back of the quilt.