Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Denim Comfort Quilt

I just finished the top of a recycled jeans comfort quilt.  Hopefully it will be sent to Orr Shalom Re'ut Home for Boys.  I've been speaking to Hadassah from "The 2 Spies".
 She has worked diligently on making and gathering quilts for these boys.  This is a group home for boys at risk in Jerusalem.  I made the top and Hadassah will take care of putting it together.  There is a volunteer to quilt it.  If you wish to donate a quilt you can reach  Hadassah, at the link above,  or click on:
for further information to volunteer or to donate funds.
 I ragged a few blocks in the center and was planning on ragging all the edges instead of putting on a binding.

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  1. It's beautiful Etty!!! Thanks so much!!