Monday, October 3, 2011

Pissott Succot 2011

Terry Mowszowski is hosting a Quilt-a-thon in her home on Sunday October 16, during Chol Hamoed Succot.  For more details you can reach Terry at 

All quilts made during the Quilt-a-thon will go to the Bayit Shel Benji home for lone soldiers in Ra'anana.
Pissott will supply backing fabrics per quilt for every 100 shekels spent at their shop.

A big thank you for the combined effort of Pissott and Terry Mowszowski in helping our soldiers.

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  1. Thank you for your support, we quilt every Sunday on the Quilts for Benji project. our aim is to make 50 quilts for 50 beds in one year, our very first quilt will go to Gilad Shalit at the request of the Benji Hillman foundation.
    If any of you would like to help us out even making quilts from home. contact me TERRY at