Friday, October 7, 2011

Making Progress On Nine Patch

I put my border on the quilt top.  I decided to go with gold and repeated the blue from the nine patch squares.
The stenciling is finished.  Susan helped me decide on the pattern and we both liked this one the best.  I have to sandwich this now and put it on the rack for quilting.  It will take awhile to quilt but I will enjoy doing the hand quilting.  I find that very relaxing.


  1. The gold against the navy really pops, Etty. Can't wait to see it when all the quilting's done.

  2. Etty, you've made a PERFECT selection with that gold for the inner border. And the quilting pattern that you chose will look very nice. I'm impressed!

  3. This is one classy quilt! The gold is great, and the quilting pattern is so interesting. Will you quilt the white squares in tuitional while or use navy?