Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our First Quilt-a-Thon -- Second Day

This week the ladies continued working on the quilts from last week.  Two are now being quilted.  Another is on the design wall and we started another called the Postage Stamp quilt.
This is the design wall.
This is Bryna

This is Sara and Renee B
This is Rina and Hinda
This is Shifra
And this is Shoshana L with Renee B
All the ladies work so well together.  It's such a pleasure to have this quilting group in my home.

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  1. Etty, it's true, we do all work well together. I for one, really appreciate that not only do you open your home to us every week, but you also seem to always be available to help everyone out all the time. :)