Monday, February 21, 2011

February Show and Tell

Today was a great day for show and tell.  It's wonderful when the ladies bring their projects for everyone to see.  It always makes us want to do more.

Shifra has started a new project.  It's a paper pieced fish.  She's not telling what it will be or who it is for so we will have to just wait and see.  This little fish is very, very cute.

Shoshana L has finished her hand pieced baby block quilt.  Her arrangement is unique and she is very happy the way it came out.  Shoshana is now very good at doing Y seams which many ladies shy away from.  Now she is planning to make a pillow for her living room sofa.

Renee S showed us her latest quilt top.  It isn't finished yet.  It's the first of two quilts for twin beds.  She is learning more about putting the blocks on point and making those extra triangles needed for the edges of the quilt.  Everyone likes the fabrics and was happy to see how fast it's coming along.

Shoshana R brought in a gift that she just received.  It's three flower needlepoint pictures that are already framed.  They were just lovely.  Everyone enjoys seeing any type of hand made items.  They are always the best because they come from the heart.

Rina brought in her completed Batik quilt that she made for her husband.  Everyone wanted a closer look at the front and back.

Rina also brought in a quilt that she is making for a very special person.  It had to be sandwiched to get it ready for Rina to machine quilt this week.  Everyone loves Batiks and each quilt is more beautiful than the next.  Here is the front and the back.  Rina and Sara have a friend that puts a special machine embroidered message on each quilt.


  1. Thanks for the online show and tell. I enjoyed seeing everyone's projects, especially Shifra's cute little fish.

  2. I love to see what everyone's working on...gosh, you ladies work fast! I love Rina's batiks and can't wait to see a whole school of fish from Shifra. BTW I tried out Debbie's pumpkin bread...yummy!! Happy quilting ladies!