Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quilt For Dennis

Sara's latest quilt is for her brother-in-law, Dennis.
He just arrived from the States and Sara was able to present his new quilt in person.
She's so happy that he liked it, but why wouldn't he?  It's a lovely quilt with fabrics that any man or boy can enjoy.
Sara has done this pattern twice before using other fabrics.  It's so interesting to see how the same quilt looks when the fabrics are different.  Sara, keep quilting.  Your quilts are dynamic!


  1. I love how the same quilt pattern can look so very different depending on color and texture.
    These are beautiful!!

    (PS I am posting this as anonymous because I'm not sure which option to chose in the drop down box below!)


  2. Amazing how different a quilt can look when the fabrics are changed. Beautiful!
    SO glad to 'find' other quilters in the Land!

    Givat Ze'ev
    PS I am posting this as Anonymous because I am not sure which option to chose from below :-)