Monday, October 11, 2010

October Get-together

Now that our Yomin Tovim (holidays) are over, everyone is eager to get back to serious quilting.  We all enjoy the holidays but there isn't time for sewing.

Shifra brought in a new bag which was so adorable. She needed something larger so she whipped this up quickly.  

Rina brought in two quilt tops and worked on selecting borders.  The colors are so delicious. The fabric on this first quilt was purchased at Pissott recently.  She wants to make two quilts using the same fabrics, but with different patterns.  It will be interesting to see how the 2nd quilt turns out.
This is Rina's Batik quilt top.  Rina said this pattern went together so easily, she could hardly believe it.  I think she'll probably want to do it again.

Shifra is working on a new wall hanging project.  It's hard to see from the picture but the background has musical notes and she will add 2 men dancing with the words at the top.
She has an interesting story about these 2 men so they are very meaningful to her and her family.

Our blog was started one year ago tomorrow.  In celebration we had a giveaway of 3 black and white fat quarters from Pissott.  The winners were Sara, Shoshana R and Shoshana L.  What started out as a project for just our group has turned into something more interesting.  We have 36 followers and have been visited by quilters in 56 countries. Quilting is truly an international pastime and enjoyed by people all over the world.  We are grateful to be part of it.


  1. welcome back!
    Lovely bag and the Rina's quilts are really nice! So bright and cheerful.

  2. Mazel tov on the first anniversary of all the work and devotion to this blog. YOU have done a GREAT job. Yasher koach and thanks.