Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Has Sara Been Up To?

Sara continues to work on her Grandmother's Flower Garden.  Each flower that Sara is making is so wonderful, it's hard to pick a favorite.
The top is finished except for borders for this special gift.  It's for a male relative.  Can't say more in case he is watching.  Sara used a jelly roll with many autumn colors.  You can't go wrong with that.
Sara's latest is this Batik Winding Ways.  It was a kit with all the pieces cut out.  Although this helped, it still was not an easy pattern to do.  Now she has to put on her borders for this beautiful wall hanging.  Sara is going to keep this one for herself.  Wouldn't you?


  1. ohhhh, I'd love to see more of Sara's flowers...
    I, too am making a Grandmother's flower garden.
    Like the hexi flower shown here I am using white borders too....

  2. Sara, these are all wonderful! Reeeeally wonderful!
    And I can see Rina's batik HST's over on the side of the picture. They look great too.

  3. The Winding Ways quilt is stunning! I don't have the courage to take on something like that...WOW!