Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Get-together

This was another busy day.
While we are listening to Rochel give her shiur (lecture),everyone's hands are busy sewing.

Renee S along with Shifra are making wonderful wall hangings for Succot which is next week.
The designs came from a coloring book and were just what was needed.

Shoshana R found a robe that will be perfect for her next project so she was busy cutting it up to have it ready.

Rina has new Batiks and was getting them ready for her project.  Batiks seem to be everyone's favorite fabric.

Susan is quilting her project for the Remembering Adelia book by Kathleen Tracey.  It is just fabulous.  Our best wishes and prayers got out to Kathleen, that she has a speedy recovery and will be home from the hospital soon.

Hinda's latest Jean's quilt is coming along nicely.  She should have it finished soon.

Sara works on her English Paper Piecing Grandmothers Flower Garden every week and takes it with her wherever she goes.  It's a big project doing it by hand. The time spent on this  will be worth every minute when it's completed.

Renee B has started to work on her curtain again.  She has added yellow shashing which was the right choice for this.
Renee B also just completed another baby quilt.  Her new great-grandchildren are coming so fast she can't sew fast enough. She may start making small wall hangings instead to keep up the demand for baby gifts.

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