Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekly Get-together

Wow-what a busy day we had.  It started by sandwiching 3 new quilts.  The ladies can now start quilting and finishing them. We've been using the dinning room table instead of the floor and that has been working out well for us. Not everyone has done this before so it was a great learning experience.  Everyone helped to get them pinned so the quilts were done in record time.
Susan showed the progress of her Scottie Dog quilt.  It's so adorable.  You can also see it own her blog "High on the Hill"

Shifra finished her mother's handkerchief quilt.  We were all so pleased that this quilt came out so beautiful.  When she started we all wondered if this project of love would really turn out they way we hoped and it certainly did.  This quilt is nothing to sneeze at!

Renee S. brought in one of the many pillows she is making for her grandchildren.  Note the little pocket on the back that will hold the doll clothes.  She is also making making some for the girls.

Renee also finished the first of her two Dresden Plate quilts. This is the first time she has tried this pattern and it came out lovely.  When you have two twin beds in the same room you sort of have to make matching quilts.  Many of don't like to do the same quilt twice, in this case it will be worth it.

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  1. What beautiful quilts! I wait every week to see what you will post next. So exciting!