Monday, January 4, 2010

Show and Tell #8

Naomi has finished her wall hanging.  I want you to see the lovely matching fabric covered buttons.  She made them today as we watched her.  Now I think everyone will want to do this on their projects.

Naomi also just came from a class where she made this felt picture and frame.  It's ready to hang. I didn't get the best picture of this.  It really is adorable.

Esther brought along some knitting.  It's wonderful to see that everyone has more than one creative outlet. We don't always want to do the same thing all the time.

This looks like hands all around.  I'm not sure what actually was going on.  These ladies seem to really be looking over this piece that Susan is hand piecing.  Since Susan comes to us from Jerusalem by bus she likes to have some handwork to do along the way.

Susan finished this scrap quilt and is showing it on her blog.  Stop in and visit her anytime -- you will be pleased that you did.

Avigail has finished the main part of her new top.  This week she will put on her boarders.  It's her first quilt and is very excited about doing this.

Sara put on an interesting boarder.  I want all of you to see this. I like when someone does something different.

Sara continues to work on this very large Grandmothers flower garden quilt. It's English paper piecing and Sara enjoys doing this.  No, it is not a poached egg! Each flower is so different.  We all like to see how each one develops.

Renee S. showed us a new way to make circles.  This method is using a round cardboard template. Wrapping the fabric around the template and then basting.  All you have to do is pull the thread and make it tight and then remove the cardboard.  Simple-that's what I like.

Susan also brought with her an old UFO from the past.  These Scotty dogs are just adorable.  All of us wanted to make a copy of her revised template so that we can make them too. 

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  1. What a marvelous feast for the eyes.
    I am also doing hexagons and hopefully will be showing them next week.
    Avigail's top is fantastic.
    Naomi's Wall hanging is so pretty! Very professional and beautiful. Attention to details.
    I am hopping over to Susan's blog to admire her work