Monday, December 14, 2009

Show and Tell #5

Today's quilting group was extra special because it was the 3rd day of Chanukah.  Notice the donuts on the table!  We were so busy that there was little time to eat.  In Israel it's more common to see donuts that potato latkes during this time.  Both are fried in oil and both are fattening.

Esther finished 2 appliques and can't wait to start the next.

I didn't have time to catch a picture of everyone with their projects but I did catch one of Shoshana.  She is making her first string quilt.  These are some of the squares that she has started.

Renee S is making a counted x-stitch bib again.  She makes them for everyone's new baby
or grandchild.  Notice the Hebrew letter Bet.  Whenever possible she puts in the name.

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