Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When Are Fabric Pieces Too Small?

I have this problem all the time.  I have lots of scraps when making quilts and it's hard to decide on when a piece of fabric is too small to keep.  I'm putting my scraps into Doggie/Cat beds and that's OK with me.  I certainly don't keep pieces smaller than 1 inch.  So now I saw this wonderful guilt on the web.  Someone made this with 1 inch strips which I never keep.  Now I have to rethink what I save.  


  1. I've always like this quilt, too, but when you post someone else's photo on the web, you should always give credit to where it came from. This is Karen Griska's quilt and it comes from her blog: and she sells the pattern in her Etsy shop.

  2. Thanks so much and I do agree. I just forgot where I saw it. I will try to be more careful in the future.

  3. I had put Karen's blog address in my comment where it says "her blog:", but I guess it didn't come out. I'm trying again. Hope it works this time!

  4. Ettie, I have the pattern for this quilt. It is in Devoted to Scraps. You are welcome to borrow it.

    1. Thanks Shifra, I just may do that after Pesach.