Monday, November 10, 2014

Penguin Quilt

One of the ladies in our group is looking for this pattern.  If anyone has it, could you please share?  It's in the book PATCHWORK QUILTS TO MAKE FOR CHILDREN by Margaret Rolfe.  It's no longer in print.
You can reach Bryna at


  1. I put "PATCHWORK QUILTS TO MAKE FOR CHILDREN by Margaret Rolfe" in an ebay search and got some good results. Also Amazon.

  2. I just googled the book name and author and got lots of them available in both hard cover and paperback and low prices plus shipping. and .com, and barnes and noble. don't know if they ship to Israel, but I could always get it and send it on

    1. Thanks so much. Bryna just ordered the book on Amazon.