Friday, July 25, 2014

Special Blocks

Recently 3 Israeli teens were murdered in Israel.  Two women in Bet Shamesh put out a request for blocks to go into 3 unique quilts.  These women will put the quilts together.  They will be given to each of the families that lost their son.  Sara and I are proud to be part of this project.
Sara's square is on the left, mine is on the right.  I hope to receive pictures of all 3 quilts when they are completed.


  1. I would like to contribute a block in memory of my son murdered on Sept 11 at the World Trade Center. Where can I send one?

    1. For info go to Basically it's 10" squares (25cm) Blue and white fabrics only, pre washed cotton fabrics.
      Mail to Minna Lipner, 4A HaYasmin Street, Bet Shemesh, 99591 Israel. They would like all squares by August 15th. Thank you so much. We all feel your pain.

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