Monday, June 10, 2013

A Trip To Tel Aviv

I recently had to take my Janome sewing machine into Tel Aviv to the dealer where I purchased it.  I'm happy with my machine, but I had to find out a few things about it.   Well, I'm getting to be like Bonnie Hunter from "Quiltville" fame.  In the front of the store, what do you think I found?  Two beautiful treadle machines.  Not for sale, just to look at, which is good.  I already have one and there is no room for any more.  I just enjoyed looking at them.


  1. I have a treadle machine that, as far as I can tell, only needs a belt. I really need to get it operating.

  2. Oh, fun! I brought my Grandma's treadle home last year and had her put together again (she moved 3000 miles via post.) Of course I named her "Stella" after my Grandma. I'm really enjoying her beauty, but I haven't sewn with her much yet. Don't seem to have the rhythm right after 40 years... Thanks for sharing.